Monday, October 1, 2012


With the completion of my reviews for September, I've completed a full year of my current regiment, which, as announced in October 2011, was to supply a "month's-worth" of reviews for metaphenomenal (or somewhat related) works for each ensuing month.  Assuming I didn't miscount, each month should review as many movies (or TV compilations) as there were days that month.

But it is somewhat of a strain, since I manage two other blogs, one of which I've barely worked on these past months.

Having achieved my "personal best," then, I'm downsizing the frequency of reviews.  I've seen some blogs that confine themselves to posting once every weekday. I may not do a post on every weekday, but at present I'm planning to do as many reviews a month as that month has weekdays.

In addition, this will help me to quell the insane completist part of me that wants to chime in on every single metaphenomenal film/teleseries I see, regardless of whether there's really much to say about them.  Just as one's body can always devour calories far more easily than it can exercise them away, one can always see more sheer *stuff* than one can find time to review.  As much as I like the idea of doing my own compilation of What's Metaphenomenal and What's Not, I probably never will.  At best this blog is, like many such, a diary of thoughts theoretical and otherwise.

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