Monday, October 3, 2011


Forgetfulness; thy name is blogger.  I announced my intention to review one fantasy film a day during October on another forum but not on this blog!


"In past years I've been envious of those CHFB posters who managed to screen one (if not more) fantasy-film a day to honor the holy month of horror, October.  I also failed to do so.

This time, I'm not only going to watch at least one f/f a day.  I'm going to review them all on my blog.

I may double up a day here or there, like two on Saturday so I don't have to do it Sunday.  But that's the plan, which is relevant to this folder only in that I plan to copy some or all of the reviews here.

Incidentally, I've changed the name of the blog for reasons explained in an essay posted today, "Term Limitations."  We'll see if the new name starts showing up on Google search now..."

Then I amended the above defiinition a bit:

"I should probably amend the above statement by noting that I won't just review "fantasy-films," but anything that even approaches the tropes used in fantasy, such as thrillers or mysteries like the newly-reviewed ALPHABET MURDERS."

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